Case stories

Monorail 250.000 with Bridge cranes at Timmerfabreik De Jong

Overhead Conveyors

Watch the complete process of manufacturing window frames at Timmerfabriek de Jong Woudsend in The Netherlands!

The process starts with sanding and prepping the frames for painting. Once prepared, they are loaded onto loadbars using drop sections and transported to the painting area via the Monorail 250.000 overhead conveyor.

To streamline tracking and management, each frame is tagged with a barcode and scanned into the system. Additionally, RFID chips are inserted into the loadbars. Through a digital interface and visualization of data, operators can conveniently monitor the progress of the loadbars and their accompanying products. They can also make decisions like how many layers of paint or what colour paint the products will receive. The entire process is visually displayed on our control cabinet screen.

With the assistance of an automatic insertion frame and pendel transfer, the loadbars are seamlessly transported towards the painting booth. Inside, a Cefla spray painting robot applies the paint to the frames. An automated rotation unit rotates the loadbar 360 degrees, enabling the painting of the other side of the products, all whilst maintaining quality and increasing efficiency.

After painting, the frames make their way to a drying area. Here, they can either be temporarily stored in a buffer or sent for an additional coat of paint if required. Once fully dried, the frames are manually unloaded or using another drop-section and carefully transported to the finishing area.

Using a series of bridge cranes, all fitted with GIS AG chainhoists and vacuum-lifters, the frames are fitted with glass panels, sealed and packed ready to be shipped!