Big renovations at Teleflex B.V.

We're thrilled to share some exciting updates happening at our subsidiary, Teleflex B.V.'s factory, the home of our in-house production systems. These renovations have been undertaken to meet the growing demands of production and enhance our expedition process from factory to customers worldwide!

Here are the key highlights of the recent changes at our factory:

  1. George, the Crucifix Robot: We're proud to announce the successful installation of our new "Kruisstuk" CNC robot, lovingly nicknamed George, at the Teleflex B.V. factory. George plays a vital role in manufacturing our forged crucifixes, which are integral components of our renowned D8 cardan chain used in our Power & Free and D8 overhead conveyor systems. We express our gratitude to RoboFlex B.V. for their expertise in installing this remarkable robot. Watch George in action in the video below!

  2. Factory Expansion: Over the past six months, we have been diligently expanding our primary production facility at Teleflex B.V. in Tiel. This facility serves as the primary hub for manufacturing our rails, chains, drive units, and trolleys. The newly constructed expansion section has provided us with an additional 800m2 of factory space, primarily dedicated to efficient storage and expidition of our products across the globe. Watch the timelapse video to see the build!

These upgrades signify our commitment to meeting customer demands while continually optimizing our operations. Stay tuned for more exciting developments at Railtechniek!