Railtechniek subsidairy Valdo acquires ACMP to expand operations in France

Railtechniek van Herwijnen B.V.'s French subsidiary Valdo Manutention is thrilled to announce the recent acquisition of ACMP - conveyor solutions in Vireux-Molhain, France, enhancing our presence and capabilities in the French market!

The history of ACMP dates back to 1987 when Mr. Angélo Casetta, a former executive at Aciers Spéciaux of Chiers de Vireux-Molhain, faced the closure of the steel factory where he had worked for many successful years. 

Following a period of significant success, the steel industry faced a downturn in 1982-1983, prompting considerations for closure. In response, an unprecedented social plan was enacted, setting a benchmark in its inclusivity by offering pre-retirement options for all employees aged over 46, ensuring full remuneration, and facilitating reclassification for others. The inevitable closure became a reality in March 1984.

Angélo was relocated to the Paris region to oversee the transfer of the Mabor MBM company to the Vireux-Molhain site, aiming to reintegrate several employees. While the MBM company experienced operational success for a limited period, it was eventually acquired by the SIETAM company. Unfortunately, the subsequent closure was attributed to an imbalance between the workforce size and the available workload.

1984, Angélo's entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish ACMP (Precision Boilermaking and Metalwork Workshop) in May 1987, focusing on the study, design, manufacturing, and assembly of conveyor systems, as well as boilermaking and metalwork.

Over the years, ACMP experienced growth, marked by the expansion of facilities in 1990-91 and subsequent developments, including creating a design office in 2000 and achieving ISO 9001 Quality Certification in 2016 and 2018. The family-owned company, managed by Mrs. Jeannette Casetta, successfully integrated the next generation as children Véronique, Alex, and Alain joined, contributing to the company's diversification into plumbing, heating, and sanitary sectors. Eventually in 2024, after many successful years, Alain and Alex decided to sell the company and enjoy retirement. 

In 2024, Valdo's acquisition not only includes ACMP's expertise and client base but also expands our production facilities by 3000m2, reinforcing our commitment to meet the growing demand in the French overhead conveyor market. We will continue to operate in two locations in France, Railtechnique France in Fontenay-Trésigny and Valdo / ACMP in Vireux-Molhain, aiming to leverage the solid reputation and synergies between ACMP, Valdo, and RTN France for the continued development of our services and expertise in France.

As we look forward to the promising future ahead, Valdo is excited to carry on ACMP's legacy and contribute to the continued success of our operations in France!