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NL - Improve your efficiency using an overhead conveyor


The Railtechniek van Herwijnen Group of companies provides complete solutions for complex requirements in the field of materials handling. We produce a wide range of overhead conveyors and materials handling products, such as manual conveyors, chain conveyors, power and free conveyors and crane systems. For the surface industry the most frequently delivered systems are Power and Free conveyors. P&F conveying systems offer a high degree of flexibility and they can be completely automated.

P&F-systems are equipped with load bars to attach the products. The products can be transported through the complete process (Power) or stopped for buffering or treatment (Free) without stopping the complete system. Railtechniek offers a wide range of P&F systems, suitable for carrying capacities up to 9.000 kg per load bar. We are specialized in systems for wet paint and powder coating lines, blasting installations, assembly lines, logistic and storage systems. A system that we offer specially for the surface-treatment industry is a dipping tank crane system. Dipping cranes transport metal products in and out of a series of pre-treatment tanks.

T1 Power and Free overhead conveyor - Sedac


Worldwide locations

The Railtechniek van Herwijnen Group has been providing industries in all sectors with overhead conveyors for over 60 years. During the years we have increased the range of solutions available, as well as strength in depth in support services. We can provide worldwide customers in short time with the requested information or materials.


Thinking in terms of possibilities

Using an overhead conveyor offers many benefits. If companies want to optimize their material handling processes and safe costs and valuable working space. Our conveyors contribute to a safe workplace and a more efficient operating process. Furthermore, our products and systems are well known for their reliability and low maintenance. Above all, the expertise and commitment of the team of conveyor specialist make a great difference. We put our best effort to ensure that projects are delivered on time and they always think in terms of possibilities instead of limitations. Customers often praise us for our communication. Listening closely to our clients, together with internal consultation results in the best possible lay-outs based on the clients’ requirements, while leaving room for alternative solutions.


Extending operating lifespan with service contracts

Good maintenance and effective installation management is essential to extend the operating life of an installation. We have our own team of skilled installation and service engineers. They offer support services to ensure minimum downtime and a useful operating lifespan. A dedicated Service Coordinator located at our head office coordinates their work.

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