The Railtechniek product portfolio covers a wide range of automated and manual overhead conveyor and floor conveyor options, all of which can be customized to the customer's wishes. We also offer lifting equipment solutions that can be added to bring more versatility across the shop floor. 

Power & Free conveyors are based on a twin-track system. One track is used for the power chain that constantly moves through the track, while the other track holds the product carrier trolleys. At an equal pitch, pusher dogs are fitted in the power chain and are used to pull the carrier trolleys around the system. The pusher dogs latch onto the trolleys to form an interlink connection, which can be disengaged where desired.  
Carrying capacities up to 300kg
For continuous and indexed transport of products, a chain conveyor is often the best and most economical solution. Chain conveyors are often used as a vehicle in surface treatment, assembly, production, distribution and storage processes.  
Carrying capacities up to 150kg