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Lead contractor Railtechniek delivers T4 Power & Free conveyor for Betafence Group

Overhead Conveyors
Railtechniek_T4_PF_Betafence_ Zwevegem_Belgium_2
Railtechniek_T4_PF_Betafence_ Zwevegem_Belgium_3
Railtechniek_T4_PF_Betafence_ Zwevegem_Belgium_4
Railtechniek_T4_PF_Betafence_ Zwevegem_Belgium_5
Railtechniek_T4_PF_Betafence_ Zwevegem_Belgium_6
Railtechniek_T4_PF_Betafence_ Zwevegem_Belgium_7
Railtechniek_T4_PF_Betafence_ Zwevegem_Belgium_8
Railtechniek_T4_PF_Betafence_ Zwevegem_Belgium_9
Railtechniek_T4_PF_Betafence_ Zwevegem_Belgium_10
Railtechniek_T4_PF_Betafence_ Zwevegem_Belgium_11
Railtechniek_T4_PF_Betafence_ Zwevegem_Belgium_12
Railtechniek_T4_PF_Betafence_ Zwevegem_Belgium_13
Railtechniek_T4_PF_Betafence_ Zwevegem_Belgium_14
Railtechniek_T4_PF_Betafence_ Zwevegem_Belgium_15

As the lead contractor for this project, Railtechniek van Herwijnen B.V., in partnership with Indufinish B.V. and ESTEE Coating Solutions, recently delivered a highly efficient T4 Power & Free system at the Betafence Group located in Zwevegem, Belgium.

This advanced and well-designed overhead conveyor system transports fencing equipment produced by Betafence.The products, which measure up to 5.1 meters in length, 0.3 meters in width, 3.2 meters in height, and weigh 750kgs, are hung from loadbars specifically designed for this purpose.

These products undergo various stages of production, including pretreatment cabins, powder coating booths, and drying ovens, with multiple buffers for efficient storage and re-coating.